quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2007

Crysis Physics

Vejam só como os jogos podem vir a ser um dia...

Este clip foi feito usando o Crysis, mas calma! Isto não está a ser calculado em tempo real. Cada frame demora o tempo que for necessário, e são posteriormente transformadas num filme "fluido".
Se querem saber como isto foi feito visitem este forum.

Alot of people are opening Crysis, putting in the code and expecting physics to run smoothly like in the video, it won't (unless you have such an uber beast but I don't think a machine available now could do this amount of stuff at 30fps).

To see how I made the physics so smooth, look at the tutorial I made for making your own:

It's for rendering a video with capture_frames, actual gameplay will be extremely low frames per second, capture_frames isn't affected by low fps but the physics having their own framerate do.

The video isn't about how good Crysis or Cryengine2 is but it was actually made simply because I liked the look of lots of boxes flying around and structures collapsing etcetera and thought other people might like to see this also.

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