domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Xbox Live Demos

Condemned 2 demo disponível no Xbox Live

Já está disponível uma demo de Condemned 2 (736.56 MB).
It's been a year since a ruthless serial killer terrorized the city, but once again the bodies are piling up. As renegade special agent Ethan Thomas, you are society's last defense against the darkness threatening to consume us all. In addition to what you will experience in this demo, the full game will include 4 bone-crushing online modes for up to 8 players.

Iron Man Demo

E como uma demo nunca vem só, experimentem também a demo de The Iron Man (643.34 MB).
Immerse yourself in hardcore shooting action and explosive combat from the film as well as exclusive content created just for the game. Customize your Iron Man suit and battle against armies of fighter jets, tanks, armored Super Villains and more. You are a One Man Army.

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