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Os 99 Melhores Jogos Gratuitos de 2009

Nada como começar o ano a jogar alguns dos melhores jogos gratuitos de 2009 - afinal, é no poupar que está o ganho! :)

1. Fig. 8
Now here’s something you don’t see every day: a lovely riding-a-bike-thru-a-technical-drawing game and it’s got a sweet soundtrack to go with it as well. Fig. 8 apparently got its start as an art exhibit by one of the designers and that sort of aesthetic pervades its philosophical approach. Turning takes a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’re sure to find from Intuition Games’ an enticing offering.

2. Minotaur China Shop
You know how you’ve always wanted a game where you play a clumsy mythical beast in a glass shop that occasionally flies into a rage and smashes things to pieces? Well, your wait is ove - so head out to Flashbang Studios and get a taste of the rubbery and imprecise control scheme that fits the hybrid lead character here just oh so well.

3. Guardian Rock
A colorful and engaging block puzzler that is probably not going to be the most innovative thing that you try this year but that still manages a take on classic gameplay that’s well worth what you’re going to lay out for it. With a design sense that echoes age old Nintendo while smoothing out some rougher edges and a relaxed approach that will keep you guessing, Guardian Rock makes for a brisk and fun little item for your gaming calendar.

4. Judith
Really not a whole lot of game here, but a very interesting experiment in lo-fi 3D tale telling nonetheless. Judith is apparently loosely based on/inspired by the Bartok opera “Duke’s Bluebeard Castle”, an intellectual bonafide that alone sets it right high in the rarefied air of the indie art game. It’s very much more an exploration of story and character than anything else, and though flawed in some ways—the issue of player control, especially—the end result is thoughtful and pertinent.

5. Boxgame
A mind bending puzzle platformer by Sophie Houlden which is not at all recommended if you’ve got a headache. Rotate a mazelike cube that your androgynous avatar stands on and navigate to the exit. A greyscale venture that demonstrates a nice use of the (now free in itself) Unity 3d platform for game makers.

6. Evidence of Everything Exploding
Jason Nelson’s art game for browsers takes cue from dada and surrealism as your arrow avatar navigates its way through mazes backed with historic documents such as pizza box patents and art flyers. The best intellectual deconstructivist flash game I’ve played this year.

7. Harmony
It’s back to the nineties in Harmony, a Doom tribute game that took its creator a stunning 8 years to complete. All that time has paid off in an outing that’ll have you flashing back to playing FPSes like Wolfenstein and Hexen on your Pentium 90. The difficulty bar has been set way hard here and the game includes those outdated tropes such as key/door combo-ing and endless map wandering—but a lot of that stuff is half the nostalgic fun.

8. Aubergine Sky
Experimental game about an evening walk. No arrow keys, no button pushing, no mouse clicking. It’s very calming for a change, given that games are so often frenetic and sort of stressful. Some neat ideas here.

9. Downhill Bowling
This one plays just like it’s named—arcadey and enjoyable, in a we’re-not-taking-this-too-seriously fashion. Just the thing to while away and idle quarter of an hour or so, rolling down hills and knocking down pins in the Unity engine.

10. Today I Die
Daniel Benmergui’s playful rumination on games and language isn’t perfect, but it forges ahead and treads where few games have gone before. Anytime that this developer puts up something for nothing you should run right over and check it out, and this time is certainly no exception to that general rule.

Podem encontrar os restantes 89 jogos aqui.

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