terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2008

Crysis no Eee PC

Já se imaginaram a jogar Crysis num pequeno Eee PC 701?
Não... não estou a gozar. É mesmo possível... graças ao StreamMyGame.

Este programa permite que usem toda a potência do vosso PC principal, enviando o vídeo de forma quase instântanea para um portátil ou UMPC, em Windows ou Linux, e até na PS3!

StreamMyGame's new software runs at full screen resolution on both Windows and Linux versions of the Eee PC and many other Netbooks and UMPCs.

"The Linux player has been requested by our Eee PC members and has been optimised to run on both the original and new ranges of the Eee PC. The Window's player has also been optimised." said Richard Faria, StreamMyGame's CEO.

"You can have your games installed on your home PC and play them on your Netbook around the home and remotely, providing a portable gaming experience on screens that have resolutions of 1024x600," he said, "There are over 100 Netbooks and UMPCs that are now compatible with our technology and we will guarantee similar compatibility with the MID market."

Utilising StreamMyGame's technology, high-end games including Crysis, Call of Duty 4, BioShock and HalfLife2 can be played smoothly and without lag on the Eee PC and other UMPCs providing a responsive gaming experience. The gaming power is delivered from your main PC and networked to your Netbook. The new range of Eee PCs using 802.11n and WiMAX will further improve game play by substantially reducing any network lag.

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